Jason Whistler
Vitality Recovery, Pain Management, Health Coach
About Jason


I am a Health Coach, Reiki master and a Practitioner of  Shiatsu and Shamanic Energy Healing. I am also teacher of Ninpo Taijutsu and Meditation. My continual work and study was initially aimed to improve balance in my own life. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share these practices, with you, to help restore balance within your life.  

As with all arts, I feel that there is never an end to the learning process.  I am continually learning and adding new and deeper levels of  understanding to my skills.  These amazing practices are designed to assist you with releasing old energy and patterns of the past so that you can more fully engage with life and choose new directions to grow again.  

I am pleased that you have chosen to join me in the experience of learning and applying these wonderful healing arts to improve your life through a balanced, natural approach. 

I look forward to sharing and supporting your journey toward better health.


Thank you,


Jason Whistler


PS.  I am extremely thankful to my many teachers, and my beautiful wife for supporting me along this journey.  If you would like to know more about the teachers and schools I have studied with, please feel free to check out their websites below.

The International Shool of Shiatsu

The Four Winds Society

Usui Reiki

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