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Kathy Neidig
 - Posted to Facebook: 
Fixed my shoulder that the doctor and chiropractor couldn't fix!!! Thank you!


Jessico Corrine - Posted to Facebook  07/27/2014
In 2008 I was a pedestrian in an auto accident. I have been in constant pain since that day. I developed a pain in my right shoulder that left me uncomfortable doing almost all activity but I just ignored it hoping it would get better. When it didn't I went and visited Jason Whistler at WCI wellness and afterwards I had no pain. I forgot what not being in pain was like. He also gave me hope that the chronic conditions I have, that doctors gave up on, can be fixed. I will be back again.


Lori Bogedin — Posted to Facebook  12/22/2014

Jason is one of the most proficient healers I have ever had the honor of knowing. Not only is he nurturing in his technique, but he truly tries to life a healing, whole mind, body and spirit lifestyle. In short, I would recommend Jason to anyone who wants to grow in this journey called life. 


Athena Berkheiser — Posted to Facebook  12/22/2014

Jason is working on my frozen shoulder. I was very impressed with the improvement in movement and how much better it feels after my last visit! Thank you very much!



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